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kirk, Spock, KS

Is it possible to see Jim and Spock as just friends in the reboot universe?

Une réflexion très bien écrite je trouve ^^

Postée à l'origine par miss_car1 sur Is it possible to see Jim and Spock as just friends in the reboot universe?
Because most of us saw the Jim and Spock potential the first time we witnessed the two together this may not be the best group to ask this question to or it may be the perfect group to ask this question to. I remember reading message board posts right after STID came out that many people had non-initiated friends, family, or roommates that were essentially convinced Jim and Spock were completely in love with each other in a non-platonic way. Also, I kept reading post STID stories where people said that they were trying to write a friendship fic and it came out as pre-slash accidentally. I thought it was funny until I tried to write a Jim Spock friendship fic in the reboot universe and couldn’t do it. I took great pains to keep Jim and Spock in the friendship zone since I normally write the two as a couple. It was hard because it just seemed like the two wanted to be more. Then I read my story and realized it was pre-slash. It felt like I would have to tone down their closeness and almost write the characters out of character for the two to just be friends and I could not do that. This seems so odd to me because it’s so easy for me to write Jim and Spock as a couple completely in character. It feels more natural.
I’ve watched some TOS and Jim and Spock come off as two people who really care about each other and maybe it could be more than platonic. In the reboot universe it feels like they may start making out at any moment.
Even though I really did enjoy STID, the hardest thing for me to swallow in the new film was Jim and Spock just being friends. Considering some of the plot holes, that is saying something. The two just being friends didn’t seem plausible at all. The film was much more enjoyable (and made a lot more sense) if you’re convinced the two were absolutely in love with each other. For some of the problem areas in the film I can come up with logical explanations for why things were the way they were. Yet, I cannot come up with an explanation for Spock going off the deep end other than him being in love with Jim in a non-platonic way.
Is it possible to see Jim and Spock as only friends in AOS? I don’t think so.